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Dolphin friendly music video behind the scenesCamera film strip of behind the scenes on a Jenny Mitchell music videoWade building a camera rig on a gimbal Group photograph with Jenny Mitchell on a music video shootBradon filming on an FS5 with an easyrig

Content That Inspires,
Captivates And Educates

Scrambler touches narratives with a dexterity that exhibits technical expertise and innovation, producing powerful stories that excite.

Intrinsically propelled, Scrambler aims to elevate local talent, appreciating collaboration and community. Scrambler harnesses the power of content, empowering clients to effect positive social and environmental change.

Bradon Filming a farmer holding some grass to the lens
Behind the Scenes on documentary shoot

“Scrambler are geniuses behind the lens and it is always a pleasure working with them”
- Hot Donnas, Rolling Stone Australia  


Wade and Bradon are like chips and dip - by themselves, pretty great. Together? Magnificent. Once fuelled by a single origin carbonic maceration (or: coffee), they are a well oiled, technically and creatively minded operation. There's no technical challenge that Bradon can't find a solution for, and no concept that Wade can't breathe life into.
When they're not behind the lens crafting a story, you'll find them hiking up mountains, or sending it across Otago on two wheels.

Bradon McCaughey

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Wade McClelland

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